Instruments Identification

Instruments Identification Services


Mlintra Technical Service (MTS) is committed to ensuring quality performance throughout the life of every instrument. Our Instruments Identification Program delivers Quality, Service and Flexibility.

1- Color Coding

Instruments stay organized.

Economize processing time.

Identify via set or department.

Prevent instruments misplacement.

Fully autoclave-able and durable.

12 months warranty cover.

Multiple colors to choose from, contact Mlintra Instruments for further details


 2- GoldXTM Plating

Industry's leading 18K gold plating.

Re-gold your tungsten-carbide instruments i.e. scissors, forceps, needle holders etc.

Ensures quick visual identification.

 3- Laser Marking

We will access your instruments marking requirements.

All our instruments are delivered laser marked with Surtex logo, CE mark and product codes.

We can custom laser mark your hospital/clinic/department name etc upon request.